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International Vocal Coach Chuck Stewart teaching singing for 25 years

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  • "My voice cracks when I sing."
  • "I wish I could sing higher."
  • "I get hoarse after singing"
  • "I lose my voice after I sing."
  • "High notes won't come out unless I scream or yell."
  • "My throat hurts after I sing."          
  • "I don't breathe correctly when I sing."  
  • "I am 'pitchy' (sharp or flat).
  • "I have trouble singing riffs." 
  • "I don't have any confidence."                      

Some vocal coaches can help with issues like the ones above.  Some vocal coaches cannot.   Some vocal coaches have studied music, the voice, and vocal anatomy extensively. Some vocal coaches haven't.  Singing lessons are not all the same.  Some singing teachers sing so badly that you would only hope that you never end up sounding like they do. Why would a person giving singing lessons not be an example of his/her knowledge, expertise, and experience?  For centuries people learned through apprenticeship from a master, regardless of the craft or the art.  A bad singer can't teach you to sing well.  A bad singer who teaches is an example of what you might sound like if you follow that person's advice.   If the voice teacher cannot sing well, he/she obviously has not been able to solve his/her own vocal problems.  All singing lessons are not alike.  I have had many singing lessons from several teachers.  I can attest that the differences from one to another are NO LESS THAN astounding.  You do not have to live near me to get lessons.  I also do singing lessons online using Skype, FaceTime, Or Google.  People from: Australia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, and Turkey have done onine singing lessons with me.  ALSO, PEOPLE IN several states in the U.S. have done online singing lessons with me, using Skype, Facetime, or Google Video.   

I was able to almost double my singing range in six months with the vocal technique I teach!  
I give private singing lessons (voice lessons) six days a week.
If you live in or visit the Orlando, Florida area, call to see if I have any openings at (407) 696-6300.    
If you don't live near Orlando, we can schedule a singing lesson onlne, using Skype, Facetime, or Google.  

I am a professional singer.  I have worked in bands touring 12 states in the midwest and southeast U.S.
I was the leader of my own 8 piece band, after which I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I worked, not only as a singer but also as a professional musician for 18 years.

I am a member of NATS (The National Association of Teachers of Singing).   I'm also a songwriter, arranger, and a writer member of ASCAP. A "writer member" is one whose music has had radio airplay and has been voted in to ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).  I have written and produced jingles for radio in Las Vegas and in Orlando.  
 I also have done voiceovers professionally and have 3 years experience in acting, writing, directing, and creating sound effects in radio plays. In addition to singing in Las Vegas shows, I even worked lounges there. One gig was 6 hours a night, 6 days a week. That was a test of endurance which is a tribute and success story to the vocal techniques that I teach.

So, what is a vocal coach?  I have studio experience as a singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, musician and vocal coach. As a vocal coach, I have helped singers in the studio who were having problems with tone, pitch, vowels, articulation and other issues. I helped them to sound their best. Some recording engineers are great at what they do but most are NOT anything resembling a vocal coach. It simply is not what they are trained to do.

I can help you accompany yourself on piano.  Many singers also enjoy the experience of writing or co-writing original songs.
Pianists that you hear on recordings of: pop, R&B, Jazz, and other styles are usually not reading "music". They are playing chords in specific stylistic patterns. This is rarely taught by "traditional" piano teachers.   Piano lessons can cover reading, technique, music theory, accompaniment and even improvisation and arranging.

One of my students went from being a NYC Rockette to landing a part in 'The Producers' (a Broadway Play).  Some have recording contracts and others perform in bands or in local theater.