10 WARNING Signs of Amateurish Singing

Some professionals suffer from sounding amateurish at times, so you are not alone!  Let’s get to it!

1. Too little or too much feeling.

2. You over-breathe or under-breathe.

3. You are yelling, instead of singing.

4. You are not in tune.

5. Your rhythm is faulty.

6. Your singing style doesn’t match the song style.

7. You sing to the microphone, instead of to the audience.

8. You look disconnected from the song or you look uncomfortable.

9. Your voice cracks when you don’t want it to.

10. You’re monotone and/or boring.


If you haven’t noticed or solved these things, you can save yourself a lot of embarrassment or criticism by getting help to fix the 10 WARNING Signs of Amateurish Singing.