A.I. Apathy And Ignorance

Have you heard of AI, artificial intelligence? I’ve read a little about it and if it is anything like flowers, I like the ones which have had life in them or still do MUCH better than the artificial ones.

So, this A.I. thing could also stand for APATHY and IGNORANCE, two things which you might think should not exist in this century BUT THEY DO!!!!

I could pretend to not know what I have learned from 8 physicians (one was an ENT) but then I would fit in with many other people who are too IGNORANT to give useful advice and are too APATHETIC or irresponsible or too negligent to to re-educate or to educate themselves by learning a little science.

Two speech therapists were students of mine and discovered that the vocal exercises more efficiently and more quickly helped their patients than the ones they had been taught in school.

You see, people, there was a time in history when people thought that the earth was flat. Well, it is. In some places but overall, it is a sphere (shaped like a round ball). So, there were singers who thought that if you mixed science with art, you would destroy the art. AI – APATHY AND IGNORANCE.

Would you still pretend that Santy Claus was who you were told he is, if you caught Daddy dressed up like him on Christmas Eve? Sorry, but I can not pretend that I am ignorant or apathetic, when I’m not.

You can pretend and imagine all kinds of things which have nothing to do with singing but those are just symptoms of apathy and ignorance. This begs the question: Who were the sources of what you believe is true, regarding singing? Were doctors and modern medical science a part of your educational sources? Was simple physics a part? Did you sit in awe of your guru teacher, while being confused and bewildered and brainwashed?

If you take science out of the equation, you probably will not die but you might have some problems like: vocal nodules, hoarseness, laryngitis, loss of voice, BAD endurance, a very limited range, or a big break in your voice that you cannot get rid of, because you don’t know how. I

had all of the above, other than nodules, at times, until I gained the knowledge I needed. I was able to sing 6 hours a night, 6 nights a week and did it with NO fatigue, hoarseness, or ANY problem AFTER I learned what actually does work.

Learning how the voice works and how to use your voice may be easier if you never were the victim of apathetic and ignorant singing teachers. You may have to clean out the “room” of the trash in it before you can see the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. In other words, myths, lies, and misinformation must be let go of, to make room for truth. It might take some courage to release the things which have been holding you back. Are you ready to get better?