Are You Stuck?

Have you plateaued?  Are you stuck and not improving?  If you knew why, you’d be able to progress more.  This is an instance where there is not paralysis of analysis.  This unlocks the lock and opens the door to more progress.


Do you know if it is physical or mental?  The mental game of singing involves your commitment, self-discipline, attitude, inspiration, and motivation.  I have assigned some singers the task of writing 100 reasons why they sing.  This little exercise reveals your purpose and you may not have to get anywhere near the 100 mark before you are clear on your purpose.   If you’re feeling uninspired, listen to some of your idols or heroes or examples of singers you love to hear.


Broad Categories To Explore:


1.       Vocal Technique


2.       Musicianship


3.       Practice Technique


4.       State of Mind


5.       Confidence


6.       Artistry


7.       Objectivity


8.       Health


9.       Work Ethic


10.   Something else


A more complete vocal assessment may be required to help you isolate your specific problem.  This vocal assessment can be useful.  Vocal Assessment


When you know where the problem lies, it can be addressed with a strategic plan to get you moving in the direction you want.  You may need to learn something new or to apply something you already know.  You may need to practice more or to practice more effectively.  The singers you love may have had the same problem as you, but they learned how to overcome it.