Singing Lessons by Chuck Stewart, Vocal Coach Since 1995

About Chuck

Vocal Coach


Since 1975, Full time since 1997.  Some  of my students have had record deals, some were on Broadway, some were local working singers in Las Vegas and Orlando, including at  Disney World.  Some have been on "The Voice" and some have competed on "Singoff", and some from Europe.  Professional singing lessons.

Professional Singer


Since 1972, I have been a professional singer, starting with weekend gigs, later building and leading bands on the road.  Las Vegas shows and lounges for 18 years were followed by 18 more in Orlando, Florida.  This included jingles for radio and other productions.  Singing lessons done by a pro.



Songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer.  Member of ASCAP.

Singing Lessons can lead to songwriting lessons, where we explore lyrics and more.


Sing Better

  1. I can work with you one-on-one and we can discover what you need to learn.   You can actually learn to be your own vocal coach.
  2. You can start with my site for singers and try it out.  If you get stuck or need some help, we can arrange for a consultation and lessons.  


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