First Voice Lesson

The anatomical structure of the larynx and how the muscles, ligaments, and cartilages function for singing. HEY! If you are a singer, you should know more about your “instrument”. I do not give trumpet lessons to people who own NO functioning trumpet. See what I mean? If you understand HOW it works and WHY it works, then you will also understand WHY we do vocal exercises and which muscles are used in that process.
You come to me with something you want handled. Are you deficient in range, endurance, power, flexibility, musicianship, or something else? If you do not have a severe physical issue preventing you from singing, in the last several decades I’ve helped others and I KNOW that I can help you. The vocal technique I use has a track record of success, as do my students who have had the work ethic to apply what is needed.
One of the BIGGEST deficiencies many singers have is that of MUSICIANSHIP. Melodic intervals, harmonic intervals, melodic and harmonic ear training and an understanding of music theory, to the extent of being able to apply it can put you light years above and beyond many singers who are afraid of the the very term: MUSICIANSHIP. HEY! It is music you sing. How well do you fit in with it?
In five to ten minutes, I KNOW if your problem is faulty vocal technique or a lack of musicianship or something else going on that is IN YOUR WAY of being a better singer or even the BEST singer you can be. I can show you how to most efficiently and effectively and expeditiously how to improve.
You can NOT learn this from a book or videos. Here is why: Books and videos may have perfect information in them, but if you are not already properly trained there is a SEVERE problem! Books and videos cannot hear you. They cannot evaluate specifically what you MUST do to improve.
They cannot give you the right exercises in the right order or tell you how long to do them and when to rest and when to not sing and WHY your voice CRACKS. Not someone else’s voice, YOUR voice. It is technically called a “glottal stroke”! WOW!
When I teach, I teach the person in front of me, NOT an imaginary singer whom I have imagined should sound the way that I think they should!!! It is your voice and what you do with it is your choice. I can show you how to take care of it and use it to your best advantage but I don’t try to change it or make you sound like someone else. I can help with style, vocal technique, musicianship, and I only help you to improve.
You may have more talent than anyone has ever allowed you to know or believe. I don’t bury you in a pile of data or make you learn things that you don’t need.
Three of my teachers were world class. Hundreds of dollars per hour they charge. I do NOT do that. Interestingly, they did NOT teach style or musicianship, though. It is my choice. I’m here to help as many as I can.