High Larynx, Low Larynx

High Larynx

If your larynx is too high, you will sound harsh and you will strain your voice and probably have a bad crack or break and will NOT have the use of all your actual range. Can you imagine the freedom you feel from having range, power, flexibility and endurance? If your larynx is too high, you will be inadequate to yourself and to others, as a singer. You won’t be all you can be.

Low Larynx

If your larynx is too low, you will sound like a cartoon character, instead of like a singer. You will have trouble articulating your words and you will not be understood by most listeners. I know how to help you get your larynx in the position to afford you your best sound, range, power, endurance and more. It takes a little time and a little practice. Are you up for it? It’s not a question of whether it will work for you; it is a question of will you work to achieve your best?