Holes In Your Vocal Boat

Is Your Vocal Boat Sinking?

Where are the holes in your “vocal boat”?

It’s all about technique.

Is it?  At first you think, yes, but don’t be gullible.

Technique is, without a doubt, an integral part, but there are more integral parts and all are not equally important.

The weaker the following aspects or components of singing performance, the less likelihood there will be that you will be recognized as a professional or even a competent amateur singer.


  1. Musicianship is the most vital.  Without it
  2. you sing out of tune,
  3. you sing stylistically incorrect,
  4. you sing words on notes (not necessarily in tune),
  5. your rhythm and timing will be faulty
  6. you won’t understand how the melodic line fits with the harmony,
  7. you won’t understand how to sing passing tones correctly,
  8. your intervals will be inaccurate,
  9. you won’t be able to sing in your own artistic way,
  10. you limit your chances of performing anywhere and being accepted and recognized as a singer.

If you know musicianship and precisely what the word itself means, it is second nature to you already.

The great news is that musicianship can be learned.  Some singers retreat or recoil at the mere word musicianship.  It shows in their singing, unfortunately.

Vocal Technique

Vocal technique, when it is working for you, allows you to express yourself musically and artistically in your own unique way.  It is either acting as an asset or as an impediment.

Unfortunately, there are not set standards for vocal technique.  The reason is simple.  In science and related fields, people’s lives depend on the outcomes.  Bridges and buildings attest to this and even they fail sometimes.

In the arts, if a singer is instructed with faulty vocal technique, the singer will probably not die as a result.  The singer may get vocal nodules, though.

Vocal technique is a vast subject and there are sone which help and some which don’t.

There are at least 16 more components to performance mastery.  Most of the superstars have them all.

You can try assessing your own strengths and weaknesses.

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