One Secret To Singing Well

The One Secret To Sing Well

It is multi-factorial, this secret.  If you omit anything from it, to that degree, you will never sing your best. This is of vital importance: If you omit any one thing from the list below, to that degree, you will never sing your best.

I’ve done it the wrong way and suffered the consequences: pain, loss of voice, hoarseness, and sounding amateurish.

It doesn’t take years to be a professional, but I wasted many in the journey through the jungle of misinformation and ignorance.  I don’t want you to waste your time.

If you have the courage to discover this, keep reading.

There is no secret.  It’s a formula.

You must practice:

  1. The right thing.
  2. The right way.
  3. The right amount of time.
  4. With the right mindset.
  5. With the right attitude.
  6. With the right intention.
  7. With the right consistency.
  8. With the right number of times per day.
  9. With the time required, which will be months or even years of consistency.
  10. With the right understanding of musicianship.
  11. With the right vision.
  12. With the right artistic imagination.
  13. With a truly professional perspective.
  14. Without compromise.
  15. With the right amount of patience.
  16. Without self-judgment, but with the highest standards.

Is that all there is?

No. It’s a great start.  Omit any of the above and your career is nothing more than a wish, a hope, or a dream.

If there is a secret, the secret is the reality of the big picture in its entirety and completeness.

Most will not find the way through the jungle without a guide.  The best guide will get you through.  The worst will be disastrous to your goal.   It’s a harsh, but true, reality.