Rate Yourself


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being excellent and 1 being poor, rate yourself on the following:

  1. INTONATION- Are you on the note, or above it or below it?
  1. RANGE- Can you get the high notes, the low notes and the ones in between?
  1. ENDURANCE- Do you get vocally tired or last for a long time?
  1. ARTICULATION- Are your words clear and easy to understand?
  1. VOCAL USE versus ABUSE – Do you experience any pain, hoarseness, loss of voice, during or after singing?
  1. SING IN KEY – Can you “carry a tune”?  Can you sing without switching keys?
  1. CONNECTED VOICE – Does your voice “crack” or “break”?  Does it sound like you switch gears or hear a drastic sudden change in your sound?
  1. BREATHING – Do you know how to breathe?  Do you over-breathe (take in too much air?)

Need any help in discovering your strengths and weaknesses?