Tips And Tricks

Want some tips and tricks to sing really well?

Here are some:

  1. Sing from your diaphragm.
  2. Place your tone in the mask.
  3. Take the biggest breaths you can and make a hissing sound with your tongue as you exhale.

Make sense? Any doctor on Earth knows that your diaphragm is your INHALE muscle and does not force out your air.

You do not ever need to force out your air (other than on your birthday) but if you do, you will be using these ABDOMINAL muscles: rectus abdominis, triangularis sterni, oblique and transverse abdominal muscles and also the internal intercostals (between the ribs).

THIS HAS BEEN KNOWN BY DOCTORS SINCE THE 1700s! So, do you sing from your diaphragm? Not only is it impossible, but your diaphragm has NO proprioceptive nerves, so you CANNOT even feel where it is and it is mostly NUMB!

If you think you can, see a doctor because something else would be giving you that sensation.

HEY! It’s not my fault. I did not invent or create the human body but WHY did someone come up with the phrase telling you to do the impossible – “sing from the diaphragm” ? Ignorance? Yes. Stupidity? Maybe.

Absence of being a true professional, due to negligence? Yes. You do not have any real or magical air valves in your head which allow you to place your tone anywhere than maybe up your nose. Can you sound nasal? WHY would you want to?

Sound travels how fast? About 750 miles per hour. What is the mask? It is an imaginary area of your face but it doesn’t matter because you will not and cannot place your sound in a mask, unless you stick one on top of your face. Sorry, but truth is truth and science is science.

What about the breathing tip? It is a trick, which has nothing to do with what you do when you sing and is a waste of your time. Air is RARELY the issue for why singers don’t sound great. RARELY!

If you fill up with air, you will tense up, trying to hold it back and your tone will sound shaky or uneven, so don’t do that!