Truth VS Fiction

Hey! You don’t need to know a billion things, to become a better singer! You do need to know the difference between fact, opinion, fiction, myths, sayings, falsehoods, misconceptions and worse.
A FEW COMMON MYTHS, that have been disproven by science and medical science:
  1. You can sing from your diaphragm.
  2. You can place your sound somewhere (up, up and over, in the sinuses).
  3. Open your throat.
  4. Raise you eyebrows for high notes.
Don’t waste your time or your money learning things which simply do not help and may even cause you injury. Even if they don’t cause you physical harm, they get you thinking about the wrong thing in the wrong way and only will distract you from what you must focus on, in order to improve.
What you really need to know is what to do and practice to get to the next level. Gimmicks won’t get you there. Gurus who spout lies, half-truths, and other tricks which do nothing, are a waste of your time and money. What can you do right now to get better today?
  • Learn to warm up correctly.
  • Learn more about how your voice works so you don’t strain or hurt yourself.
  • Learn more about music.

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